Collectormania 28  2nd and 3rd of September at the Nec Birmingham

Event FAQS

  • Can i get 2 items signed once i have paid one autograph fee.
    No .you are paying for the signature not the item. if you want two items signed then you need to pay two autograph fees
  • What can I get signed?
    You can generally get any item signed.  If we are aware of any restrictions for a guest we will communicate this. You are paying for the signature not the item. Prices are per signature and are listed on each guest page. In the event you do not have an item to get signed we will provide a 10x8 photograph. If there is a specific image that you are wanting, we recommend that you bring it to avoid disappointment
  • Can i get a boxing belt signed.
    No sorry, boxers will not be signing any belts  at the event
  • Why do the sports guests have two prices.
    Flat items such at photos, cards and books are lower priced. higher prices items are shirts, boots,balls and any type of Clothing or sports items.
  • What does no posed photos and no photos signs mean?
    When these signs are posted it means that the guest has requested either no posed photos taken or no photos taken while they are at their table. This can be requested for a number of reasons and we ask that you respect it.
  • Can i pay for autographs using bank card.

No sorry, its cash only at the signing tables.

  • What is a Diamond Pass?
    This is a ticket designed for fans of a particular guest. It is an all-inclusive guaranteed way to meet the guest. Please  Note that the Diamond Pass does not include entry into the event.
  • Can i still get autographs if i am unable to attend

Yes, If you are unable to attend the event you can still pre-order autographs 

  • Photoshoots
  • Can I get a quick autograph in the photo shoot?

No. Our photo ops move quite quickly and we do not have the facilities to take payments for autographs. If you wish to get an autograph the guests will be signing at their desks when not taking part in other activities.

  • Can more than one person be in a photoshoot
    Yes, you can have more than one person in the photoshoot. Each person is required to have their own photoshoot ticket and you will each get a photo to take home.
  • Can I get a digital copy of my photo?
    Digital copies will be made available after the event for a small charge. Visit
  • Autoggraph Pre Orders
  • Can i get my item personalise / dedicated

Yes, please select the dedicated option in the drop down menu, if you do not select the dedicated option you item will not be personalized. 

  • Can you guarantee my item with be personalised / dedicated.

if we are unable to get your item personalised for any reason you will be refunded the £5 dedication fee.