Collectormania 27 Update

 collectormania has  been postponed. to nextyear.

Our sports guests will not be rescheduled to the new date.

We will still be meeting up with all of our sports guests on the weekend that collectormania was originally taking place as we will be having a large private signing will all the advertised guests and with guests we have yet to announce.

Anyone that has bought an autograph pre order you do not need to worry as your item will still be getting signed.

For any ticket enquiries please contact showmasters as we don't have anything to do with ticket sales.

We are very sorry to bring you this news, it is out of our control

Autograph Pre Order FAQS


  • Can i get 2 items signed once i have paid one autograph fee.
    No .you are paying for the signature not the item. if you want two items signed then you need to pay two autograph fees
  • What can I get signed?
    You can generally get any item signed.  If we are aware of any restrictions for a guest we will communicate this. You are paying for the signature not the item. Prices are per signature .
  • Can i get a boxing belt signed.

No sorry, boxers will not be signing any belts

  • Can i get my item personalise / dedicated
    Yes, please select the dedicated option in the drop down menu, if you do not select the dedicated option you item will not be personalized. 
  • Can you guarantee my item with be personalised / dedicated.

if we are unable to get your item personalised for any reason you will be refunded the £5 dedication fee.

  • Why do the sports guests have two prices.
    Flat items such at photos, cards and books are lower priced. higher prices items are shirts, boots,balls and any type of Clothing or sports items.
  • Can i come to the private signing to get my item signed ny self.

         No, sorry its a private signing which means no public allowed. 

  • To purchase your pre order autographs  please click HERE