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Closing date for pre orders is the 31st of August

All send in items need to be with us by Monday the 29th of August  

Send ins.
We are accepting send in items.
No Boxing Bets are being signed at our event
Please select the send in option from the drop down menu.
Send In sporting items are Shirts, gloves, boots, trunks, any type of clothing or equipment.
Send in Flat items are photographs, books, white cards ect.
Once you have placed your send in order please email us at [email protected] and we will give you the address to send your items to.
Please ensure to add a note with your personal item with your name and order number also clearly mark where you would like your item signed.
Whilst every effort will be taken to take great care of all your personal items, they are sent in at the owners own risk. Montage Moments do not accept any liability for any loss or damage caused in any way.
By placing an order, you are accepting these terms.
If you are sending your own image for signing the guest has the right to refuse to sign it if they think it is inappropriate, if the guest refuses to sign a sent in image a show image will be selected.


We are accepting dedications/personalizations for an additional fee of £5 per autograph. Please note that this in not a  guarantee your item will be dedicated. If for any reason we are unable to get your item dedicated, for example long queues or guests being very busy, you will be refunded the £5 fee.

All autograph pre orders will be shipped within 10-15 working days after the show has ended

Please select the autograph pre order shipping method.
Please note if you choose the framed items only shipping option, it does not mean your pre orders will arrive framed.
Please do not mix and match autograph pre orders with memorabilia available on our site as you will not receive your memorabilia until after collectormania as everything will be shipped together.

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